Nature Of Management-10 Management Mantras You Can Learn From Pm Modi

Nature Of Management-10 Management Mantras You Can Learn From Pm Modi

Nature Of Management-10 Management Mantras You Can Learn From Pm Modi-Today is that the 70th birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even at this age, PM Modi may be a political icon not just for the youth of the country but also round the world. Be it fitness mantra, fashion trend or popularity on social media …

PM Modi is everywhere. Born on 17 September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat, Modi is at the very best point of recognition today. There are 10 such aspects of his working style and lifestyle which will function a management mantra for everybody at any time.

Nature Of Management-10 Management Mantras You Can Learn From Pm Modi

1. Offbeat Thinking

Narendra Modi was Born on 17 Sep1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat. India.the most important feature of PM Modi is that he takes decisions out of the box. After coming to power, PM Modi first presented an example of himself to bring discipline within the officers and employees within the PMO. He himself is busy working for 14 to 18 hours. He also held government meetings outside Delhi in other states. Foreign heads of state met outside Delhi and held meetings. Sent ministers and MPs to figure ashore outside Delhi. Talked about making Swachh Bharat and toilets from the ramparts of the Red Fort and made public movement for cleanliness and health awareness.

2. Add Team And Mission Mode

PM Modi is seen doing everything in team and mission mode. As soon as he came to power in 2014, he kept the concept of Team India. He took many initiatives to develop all departments and agencies as Team India. PM Modi set a target of latest India by 2022 and began many schemes to supply home, food and water to all or any . PRAGATI started meeting to approve pending projects. When PM Modi started the cleanliness campaign, he nominated 9 celebrities and created a sequence system which became an enormous campaign.

Nature Of Management-10 Management Mantras You Can Learn From Pm Modi

3. The Courage To Return Forward And Lead

The Prime Minister has also shown political courage by putting his face at stake within the electoral battle. Not only within the Lok Sabha, within the campaign leading up to the state assembly elections, the BJP involves the bottom on the work of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also wins continuously. this is often the rationale that within the elections of the plains of North India to East India-Northeast and South also, the photographs of PM Modi are prominently displayed on the party’s election banners. The opposition targets Modi whenever by making Modi a problem , but Modi takes advantage of this and wins the trust of the general public .

4. Get Down On The Bottom Yourself, Complete The Work Within The Prescribed Limit

Punctuality is most vital for the completion of any work. regardless of how busy PM Modi is… he definitely keeps his presence in routine work. For the cleanliness drive, where PM Modi himself swept himself within the police headquarters of Delhi, he took a shovel in his hands to wash the ghat of Kashi. He gave an enormous message to the people by learning the rubbish in Mathura and recycling it within the machine. When the Prime Minister himself landed within the cleanliness mission, the people of the country also got inspired by this and seeing the cleanliness movement became a mass movement. This was the results of PM Modi’s sort of work.

Nature Of Management-10 Management Mantras You Can Learn From Pm Modi

5. Fitness Example

In this age when people want to retire in normal life and live a lifetime of comfort, then PM Modi works for about 14 hours a day . They set a special example through frequent foreign visits, addresses, marathon meetings and speeches that entice people. Not only himself, PM Modi made fitness the mission of each man of the country. By organizing Yoga Day worldwide then starting the Fit India Movement, PM Modi exercised publicly and made people conscious of fitness.

6. Attachment To New Technology

PM Modi is extremely keen on modern technologies. They use social media to remain connected with people. they convey directly with people through the Namo app. He also encouraged all the ministers and officials of the departments to remain in direct contact with the people through technology. Through social media platforms like Facebook-Twitter and Instagram, and thru his passion for technology, PM Modi remains in direct contact with the younger generation. As long because the opposition parties started understanding social media, PM Modi had become the king of social media.

Nature Of Management-10 Management Mantras You Can Learn From Pm Modi

7. Focuses On Branding

Since the entry of PM Modi within the electoral battle of the middle in 2013, there are major changes within the country’s election campaign. By doing 3-D campaign, Mann Ki Baat on radio, discussion on tea, professional management of election campaign, big public meetings abroad, PM Modi not only changed the party and himself into a brand but also changed the electoral picture of the country. When the opposition accused Chowkidar Chor Hai, PM Modi used it in his election campaign and made himself ‘Chowkidar Narendra Modi’ on Twitter. Supporters also joined his campaign and he was defeated by the opposition’s weapon.

8. Staying Firm Even Under Adverse Circumstances

In the adverse circumstances, when a standard man gets hurt and disappointed by the criticisms, even on such occasions, PM Modi comes forward to himself and sets an example. Following the Pulwama attack, it’s an example to deal with the country amidst all the pressure for action and later to show Pakistan a lesson with Airstrike. During the frustration of the Chandrayaan-2 mission, including addressing the country and creating an environment of support for the scientific community, there have been many occasions when PM Modi also set an example by handling the adverse situations differently.

Nature Of Management-10 Management Mantras You Can Learn From Pm Modi

9. Emphasis On Personal Chemistry In Policy

Opposition has been criticizing the policy of the Modi government, but in policy also, PM Modi has separated from the remainder of the politicians and established personal chemistry with the planet leaders. Pictures of his friendship with global leaders were discussed worldwide. He features a friendship with leaders like Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Putin , Xi Jinping, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shinzo Abe, Emmanuel Macron, which provides India a definite identity within the world.

10. Presenting Fashion Trends

PM Modi is additionally very vigilant about fashion. Her style soon becomes fashionable for people of all ages. On the Red Fort, different colors of safes, colorful sadries, Modi kurtas, Modi swag, whatever PM Modi adopted, became a trend among the people. PM Modi’s half-sleeved kurta has become a method statement even for the youth and fashion has become a show room. Modi jacket also showed a trend among foreign leaders on many occasions. At the 2016 BRICS Summit, Russian President Putin , Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brazilian President Michael Temer and Jacob Zuma were seen in Modi jackets during dinner.

Similarly, some special kurtas were gifted by PM Modi to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, whom he had arrived wearing his office and shared his picture. However, repeatedly Prime Minister Modi has also come on the target of opposition leaders together with his many kurtas, jackets.

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